About Us

A Rich Heritage In Hospitality Textiles

For over 140 years, Hilden has been at the forefront of linen technology. And over the last century alone, we've built up an unrivalled level of expertise in hospitality textiles, giving our valued B&B owners, small hoteliers and laundries, a truly world class solution.

It all began back in 1874 when the descendants of James Hargreaves - who was a local carpenter, weaver and inventor of the Spinning Jenny – took the passion for textiles they’d grown up with and formed Hilden. The company grew throughout the years, with much investment going in to refining their technical expertise, along with offering their loyal customer base a level of service they could always rely on.

Today, Hilden’s passion for high quality innovative textiles has seen the business grow in reputation, building trusted relationships across the hospitality industry.

But, the most significant change in Hilden's history arrived only a few years ago in 2008 during the merger with Vision Support Services. Our desire was to take our trusted heritage in textile expertise, along with superior customer service and give our hospitality customers a wider choice at a more competitive price.

And as a group, that's exactly what we've achieved. You can now take advantage of our global sourcing and distribution network, which is supported by invaluable local experts on the ground in China, Pakistan, Egypt, India and Turkey. This global view enables us to monitor and control the whole process from start to finish, ensuring you continue to get a prompt and reliable service – along with an increased breadth of choice.

This global way of working lets you benefit from superior textile expertise, access to leading experts in weaving, dyeing, design, manufacturing and the most comprehensive range of bedding/bed linen, towels, dining and kitchen linens for small hotels, B&Bs or laundry we’ve ever been able to offer.

And, as you’d expect from a true global company, we now have superior buying power, ensuring as a Hilden customer you always get the highest quality, innovative textiles at the most competitive price – a fact we're immensely proud of.

90% of our customers gave positive feedback when asked about our level of service, when dealing with our dedicated team.