4 Simple Ways to Make Classic White Table Linen Look More Exciting

Updated on: April 30 2013

Elegant and stylish classic white table linen continues to be the go-to solution for hotels, bed and breakfasts and restaurants looking to not just protect their tables, but make them look good too. After all, even the smallest detail can change a guest’s opinion of your establishment and mean the difference between them thinking you’ve gone the extra mile to impress, or you’re just not that bothered.

While white table linen is a low maintenance and timeless solution, sometimes it’s good to get a bit creative and make your white table linen look a little more exciting. Whether you’re a restaurant running a special Valentine’s dinner or a bed and breakfast owner who wants to spruce up the tables in your breakfast room, we’ve created a short guide to table linen styling that everyone can follow.

1) Choose quality table linen

When you put great quality white table linen and standard white table linen side by side, you’d be surprised by just how big of a difference you’ll see in their feel and appearance.

Products made from 100% cotton are unrivalled in their softness and suppleness, while ones made from spun polyester or polycotton blends retain a beautiful brightness for much longer than their lower quality counterparts. This means that not only do higher quality table linens look more pleasing to the eye, but are much kinder to the skin and are less likely to slip off the laps of diners.

2) Experiment with patterns

White table linen isn’t always just plain white; there are plenty of patterned varieties around to give your tables a little something extra without branching out into rainbow colours or loud designs.

Subtlety is often the most impactful route, which is why we produce table linen in a range of subtle and sophisticated patterns right here at Hilden…

– Our Ivyleaf pattern is perfect for everyday use, bringing the outdoors in and adding a country feel that isn’t too overbearing.

– Our Apollo Rose design stands out from its plainer counterparts with a romantic pattern that’s perfect for restaurants, hotels or bed and breakfasts to bring out on holidays like Valentine’s Day.

– Our Satin Band table linen is an elegant and classic design that’s perfect for every establishment and occasion. The most subtle of our patterned table linens, it’s an enduring and versatile style that even the most discerning customer will love.

3) Add splashes of colour

Finding just the right shade of coloured table linen can be difficult, especially if you’re buying online. It’s often the case that the owners of hospitality establishments open their parcel to find that the product inside isn’t quite as soft a shade of pink as it looked online!

This is why white table linen is such a great solution, but don’t think that you have to forego colour altogether. In a way, white table linen is the perfect blank canvas for the cutlery, crockery and decorative elements around it, meaning you could inject a splash of colour in any of the following ways…

– Coloured napkins, although they do look better in softer shades or when the rest of your table setting is more muted. Make sure you don’t overdo it!

– Any flowers that feature in your table setting or even the vase they’re in.

– Glasses and plates, especially if they feature a quirky pattern.

– Salt and pepper shakers; you’d be surprised at the variety available nowadays!

– Layer a coloured table cloth over a white one at a 45 degree angle to protect your whites from stubborn stains whilst creating a more two dimensional look. As well as hitting a slightly more striking note, this coloured cloth is also a great way of picking out any accent colours in your restaurant décor if you buy one in a similar shade.

 4) Get creative with napkin folding

While folding white napkins into a neat triangle saves time and looks nice and traditional, taking a moment to research alternative methods and experiment will benefit your business where leaving a great first impression on guests is concerned. Many designs aren’t that difficult to achieve and there are countless tutorials on YouTube for everything from the classic fan shape to a creative dinner jacket!

It all depends on the theme of your establishment and the aesthetic you want to convey to guests. For example, for those with a bed and breakfast or guest house set in a quaint country cottage something as simple as securing a rolled up napkin with a length of floral or gingham fabric will work wonders. And if you need a little more inspiration you can always take a look at our Pinterest board!

Helping your hotel, bed and breakfast or restaurant make an impact includes as much focus on the smaller details as the larger ones. It’s all about getting creative, thinking outside the box and doing your research to find out what exactly  you can do to make white table linen more exciting, and to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Plus, isn’t putting your personal stamp on your table settings much more fun than simply laying on a table cloth?

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.