6 easy steps to creating the perfect bed

Updated on: August 7 2014

On average we spend a third of our lives tucked up in bed, tightly cocooned and wishing for a soft slumber. But there are many factors that can stifle the quality and amount of sleep we manage to get – especially when we’re stopping somewhere unfamiliar to us such as a hotel. Add in the stresses of modern life and its little wonder we find it so important to do whatever we can to help ourselves sleep soundly.

Creating the perfect bed for your guests is a great start in helping them sleep well, waking up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day ahead. Following our steps in this blog is a sure fire way to also ensure your guestroom looks as inviting and sumptuous as possible for your guests, giving them that all important first impression.

Step 1 – Protection

The first rule of creating the perfect bed for your guests is to ensure the mattress, topper and pillows are protected. The average adult sweats a pint of moisture every single night, without protecting your bed you’re allowing that moisture to seep into the mattress, topper and pillows causing bacteria to grow. Couple this with the fact that many different people use the same bed and filled linen over time in a hotel and it’s a good enough reason to use the protectors on offer! Some can even help to add an extra layer of comfort for guests as there is the option to purchase quilted ones.


Step 2 – Mattress topper

If you’ve already bought high quality mattresses why would you need to add a mattress topper too? Mattress toppers provide an extra layer of luxurious comfort for guests. They come in all different materials and sizes so you’re bound to find the perfect one for your establishment. Adding that extra plush layer of comfort helps your guests feel wonderfully comfortable and it can aid in prolonging mattress life too!

Step 3 – Duvet

There’s so much choice when you’re deciding what duvets are the best for your establishment – the first major choice you’ll have to make is whether you want natural filled or synthetic filled duvets. Natural duvets are classed as the more luxurious option for filled linen and provide a sumptuously soft and cosy night’s sleep for guests. However, they’re not the perfect choice for everyone – those with certain allergies will need to sleep with a synthetic duvet instead. These days synthetic filled duvets have moved along greatly. You can expect the feel of natural filled linen from some of our synthetic duvets on offer – try the Sheer Lux, Wicklow Anti Allergy or Just Like Down duvet for the ultimate in comfort for guests.

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Step 4 – Pillows

It’s important to choose good quality pillows for your guests to sleep on. Keeping the neck comfortable and well supported during the night is a definite start to helping them get a better night’s sleep. Similarly to duvets the first choice you’ll encounter in relation to pillows is either natural or synthetic fill. It’s good to remember that even with the different types of natural fill you can buy, from goose down to duck feather, the firmness and support of the pillow will change.

Step 5 – Bed Linen

As mentioned previously we spend a lot of our lives tucked up in bed so it’s important to be providing the best we can for guests, ensuring they’re comfortable. There are different things you should be looking for when choosing your bed linen starting with the thread count and material of the sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. A cotton percale gives a crisp and matte feel where as cotton sateen has more of a silky smooth handle and if you’re considering 100% cotton for your bed linen take note that it’s perfect for keeping the body cool by effectively absorbing moisture. Also take into account how the products are going to be laundered and the impact that material can have on this process for you!

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Step 6 –   Finishing touches

After you’ve created the most comfortably cosy bed possible for your guests what more could you do to ensure it’s as inviting as possible? Finishing touches of course! Adding select items such as a colourful bed runner and scatter cushions can really help to style a room – something particularly important with hotel rooms as it provides an economical way to transform a room.

We’re always happy to hear from customers and readers here at Hilden. Get in touch to show us your perfectly made up bed!

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