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Updated on: January 31 2013

It’s no secret that surviving in the hospitality industry is tough. First you need to decide what size of premises you can realistically afford, choose the perfect location, decide on the kind of themes you want to incorporate, what atmosphere you want to create and, finally, how you’re going to market your business and start attracting a wealth of customers. And it doesn’t stop there – chances are you’ll be continually adapting your menus, changing your approach to customer service and refurbishing your rooms over time. It’s quite an intimidating notion!

Thankfully though you have the experts at Hilden Linens on hand to deliver bits of crucial advice not just over this blog, but through two brand new free ebooks!

2013 Small Hotel Style Guide

With interior design trends changing from year to year, we thought we’d create a new year style guide that saves your trawling through Google for inspiration and provides plenty of ideas for not just those starting out in the hospitality industry, but those with a little more experience too.

Showing you how to recreate this year’s biggest design trends on a realistic budget, the ‘2013 Small Hotel Style Guide’ is the perfect way for owners thinking about updating rooms that have become a little dated to get inspired and experience that fabled light bulb moment.

From neutral colour palettes and exciting prints to classic bed linen and ways to bring the outside in, our style guide covers a variety of trends that are set to be incredibly popular over the next twelve months. Simply click here to download your copy.

Setting up a Bed and Breakfast: Crucial Tips for First Time Owners

We believe that when setting up your first bed and breakfast business the smaller details are just as crucial as the bigger ones, even meaning the difference between success and empty rooms. Never fear though, that’s where this ebook comes in.

Ideal for both first time B&B owners and those with a little more experience, it’s full of handy tips about everything from harbouring the right attitude and choosing the right location, to the importance of pre-emptively identifying guests specific needs and making the most of nailing the small but very significant details. All you need to do to download your copy is click here.

We’re always looking to help out current customers and websites visitors wherever possible, so make sure you keep an eye on our blog posts for updates about future ebook releases direct from Hilden HQ.

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.