Add a touch of style with our exclusive boutique collection from Liddell

Updated on: June 10 2014

Our Boutique range is a five-star exclusive collection for the most discerning of guests; exclusively featuring Liddell’s finest and most sumptuous luxury linen. The range has a product to complement every bedroom, bathroom or spa.


Impeccable, luxurious and time-tested for durability, every product in this collection carries the heritage of 140 years of the finest Irish weaving. A century has passed since the world’s most luxurious liner, RMS Titanic, sailed on its maiden voyage from Southampton. The Titanic was the epitome of excellence, and indeed the finest liner ever built. It was renowned for unsurpassed luxury. Amongst the very best of furniture, glass, silverware, chandeliers and food, White Star Line chose Liddell table linens for the finest dining rooms, including the captain’s table, and also for the luxury bed linens on board.

liddel set 196219-med

Made up from the plushest duvets and pillows, featuring the softest goose down and the most sumptuous and finest towels and bathrobes guaranteed to provide the most comfortable experience – the boutique range truly is a five-star collection worthy of a place in the finest luxury hotels. All of Liddell’s products are carefully delivered to your doorstep lovingly presented in bespoke branded packaging, making them the ideal gift for that someone special too!

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.