Breaking Apart the Perfect Small Hotel

Updated on: May 22 2013

In the world of bed and breakfasts, guest houses and small hotels, a huge amount of emphasis is put on creating the perfect guestroom. There are whole reams of advice out there about the colours to use, the décor to buy and what kind of linen guests want to sleep on. But what about the rest of your small hotel? What about the bathrooms, the treatment rooms and even your hotel exterior?

Guestrooms are just one very small part of a small hotel, and customers know it. Their enjoyment now hinges on more than just your décor and cleanliness; it’s about the quality of your hotel linens and the food you serve and, as mentioned above, the rooms that never seem to steal as much of the spotlight as guestrooms.

With even blown light bulbs having the power to warrant negative reviews on websites like Trip Advisor, we decided to create an eBook that would act as a comprehensive guide to what exactly makes up the perfect small hotel.

So what can you expect to see in Breaking apart the perfect small hotel?

– How to transform the appearance of your hotel exterior with simple maintenance
– A suggested breakfast menu full of simple yet delicious meals
– How to go beyond linens and completely transform your hotel rooms
– A host of tips, tricks and advice for keeping your hotel linen looking its best
– Our ‘Hilden top picks’ for each part of your small hotel

We love giving something back to our customers which is why, like all of our eBooks, this newest publication is completely free of charge;

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You can even download our previous books ‘What Your Customers Really Need for a Great Night’s Sleep’, ‘Setting Up a Bed and Breakfast: Crucial Tips for First Time Owners’ and our ‘2013 Small Hotel Style Guide’ for more information and advice.

We hope you enjoy them!

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.