Choosing the right duvet for your guests

Updated on: January 14 2014

Here at Hilden, we pride ourselves on living and breathing luxury linen products for the hospitality industry. We make it our business to understand each of your customers are different and, in turn, want something different from their visit at your establishment. Furthermore, the type of establishment you have attracts a type of customer; whether this is the most discerning customer asking for the height of luxury, or those who simply want a comfortable place to rest their head in between heading out for adventures.

So where does this leave you when choosing filled goods such as hotel quality duvets for your hotel, guesthouse or B&B? Read on for our tips on choosing the right duvet and a look at the range of different duvets you can buy for your hotel to suit the needs of your guests. While we’re at it, here are some secrets to making your hotel guests happy.

Goose Feather & Down duvet

Goose feather and down is one of the top of the range types of duvets. Imagine one of the plushest and snuggly warm duvets you can dream up. This is the reality. With 100% natural filling and a boxed style construction, your guests won’t experience any cold spots with this duvet and won’t want to leave their beds either. Give them pure luxury. These duvets are perfect if you are running a high-end boutique hotel where guests may stop by for a romantic retreat. Team it with matching plush pillows and you’re on to a winner.

Just Like Down duvet

If you want to give your guests the plush feel of goose down but you want to cater for everyone, including those who may have allergies, Just Like Down is for your hotel, guesthouse or B&B. It provides all the softness of down with all the benefits of a synthetic filled duvet. Your guests will get a deep filled slumber and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed. It also comes in at a very competitive price, helping you give your guests a five-star experience but not breaking the bank doing so.

Classic Spring Back Duvet

This duvet is durable and great for use in a hotel, guesthouse, and B&B. The duvet’s 50/50 polycotton fabric means it’s durable but still comfortable for guests and the 10.5 Tog rating will keep your customers toasty warm. If you’re looking for a duvet at the lower end of the price range but still want to provide guests with a comfortable sleep then this is the right one for your establishment.

So now you’re clued up on choosing the right duvet, go forth and give your guests the most comfortable night of their lives!

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.