Choosing the right types of pillows for your guests

Updated on: January 27 2014

All guests are different and so not all want to receive the same service. This can make it very tricky when you’re trying to accommodate everyone at a reasonable price and with a certain amount of ease. This can be anything from the added extras you provide, the types of food you serve or, indeed, the linen and filled products you place in your guestrooms. Choosing the right pillows and duvets can be paramount to your guests getting a good nights sleep and singing your praises once they leave. With an array of fillings including goose down, goose feather and synthetic, as well as different types of product including sizes, shapes and protectors you could get lost whilst trying to determine what’s best for you. So what can you do to ensure you have chosen wisely?


Think about the nature of your business, your price and star rating

If you’re selling your company as ‘The best night sleep in town’ with luxuriously comfortable rooms and beds you’ll probably want to make sure you deliver on it! For hotels that boast a cosy retreat, your best choice is to go for Goose down or Goose feather and down. These are the ultimate in luxury for you guests and will leave them drifting into a soft slumber. With 100% natural filling and piped edges finishing your guests will not be disappointed. For guests that have allergies, you could invest in some Just Like Down pillows. These have a luxury synthetic filling which mimics the feeling of a down pillow.

For budget hotels that are aimed more at tourists for having a quick pit stop in between sightseeing, you may not need as much emphasis on luxury. But you will still want to provide a comfortable place for guests to rest their heads during their busy schedules! A bouncy Hollow Fibre pillow is a perfect way of providing affordable luxury and comfort for your guests.


Give guests options, if you can

There are so many options when choosing pillows for your establishment. Will your guests want firm or bouncy pillows, will they want one or two to enjoy a restful slumber and do they favour natural filling Vs. Synthetic filling? Even the position a person sleeps in can affect what type, and how many pillows, they will want. The best solution for this problem is to provide guests with options. You don’t have to put the different types in each room, but it is a good idea to have one throughout your establishment and extras available on request. This way you are catering for everyone.


Refresh to keep guests comfy and happy

It’s important to remember a pillows normal lifespan is between 2-4 years, much less than that of a duvet as they are constantly becoming flattened by our heads. The most important reason to replace a pillow when it’s needed is so that the user is getting the support they need from it when sleeping. Check for discoloration of the pillow, get feedback from guests about how they slept on the pillows and if possible, pop your pillow in a tumble dryer for 10 minutes every week and fluff after to kill dust mites.

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.

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