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Updated on: November 26 2013

The 2013/2014 trend-year is already seeing natural and modern lighting solutions grow in popularity. The days of garish and gimmicky lighting appear to be disappearing in favour of a much softer, more comforting glow. The majority of hotel goers tend to use their rooms mainly in the evening and night time.  This means lighting plays a very important role in getting the atmosphere right for your guests.

Good lighting ensures the quality of your hotel environment is visible and has maximum impact on your guests. It can also help to create a strong emotional and subconscious response in people. That’s why its so important to get the lighting right from the get go as soon as your guests enter the property!

So how do you achieve this perfect lighting we hear you shout! What you have to remember is what is perfect for one person may not be for another. With this in mind its a great idea to provide options for your guests. Maximise the natural light streaming through windows but provide blinds for those who wish to block it out. Give a mixture of wall lights and table lamps around the room so guests can choose the light for what they need and want. This further helps couple who have different needs and wants.

There are three different types to remember when choosing the lighting for your room:

  • Ambient – this is the general layer of light for the room taking into account natural light. It normally consists of the main switches for room lighting.
  • Accent – these are light which are added to make the room look pretty.
  • Task – examples of these are desk lights or bathroom lights needed for applying make up etc.

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.