Elegant Everyday, Chic Classic and Unique Ultimate: Our Different Restaurant Table Linens Explained

Updated on: April 25 2013

Table linen isn’t something that should be an afterthought in your restaurant or the breakfast room of your hotel, bed and breakfast or guest house. As well as keeping tables clean and free from crumbs, stains, scratches and other marks that are part of daily wear and tear, quality restaurant table linen can last for years and make a bold statement if you aren’t afraid to get more creative.

This is why we created three different ranges of budget friendly table linens that include both tablecloths and napkins, all of them offering hospitality establishments a long lasting and, most importantly, great looking linen solution that’s sure to wow customers.

Here’s a guide to our different table linens explained so you can choose the type that’s right for you.

The elegant Everyday range

Formerly known as the Beta range, our Everyday table linens have been carefully manufactured to provide a durable, cost-effective product that doesn’t compromise on their quality or elegant looks. This is all down to the fabric construction.

Most of the napkins and tablecloths in our Everyday range have a continuous filament warp made from polyester which forms one long, strong fibre, coupled with a spun polyester weft to soften the feel. Although the polyester filament is cheaper to buy, the chosen construction of the finished products ensures their overall quality isn’t affected. However, the filament yarn does mean that Everyday napkins and tablecloths are stiffer and less cotton-like in feel, although they retain a much crisper finish after ironing, which some laundries prefer.

For the more discerning customer we also stock mercerised cotton tablecloths and napkins that boast a more luxurious, lustrous finish.

This range is ideal for:

– Laundries

– Smaller B&Bs and guesthouses looking to decorate their breakfast rooms with something that looks great, is easy to clean and will stand the test of time.

To get the most out of our Everyday range:

– Shake your table linen out before washing to ensure no crumbs or residue will be transferred to the washing machine.

– Wash polyester table linen separately to cotton linens to avoid the pilling caused by clingy loose fibres.

– If your table linens are white, use a detergent that includes an optical brightening agent to prolong its brightness.

– Don’t be tempted to wash heavily soiled polyester linens with things like bleach. Instead, wash at 60 degrees and include a cool down stage between the high temperature wash and cold temperature rinsing to avoid thermal shock creasing. “Crash cooling” gives a “cracked ice” appearance to your linens. Gradually cool the temperature by 5 degrees at a time until around the 45 degree mark. This way your linen stays smooth and crisp!

– Iron the linens whilst still damp to make sure all the creases can be easily removed. Creases will be very difficult to remove if ironed when dry.

The chic Classic range

Our Classic range was once known as the Alpha range, and includes a selection of restaurant quality table linen that’s perfectly suited to more discerning customers!

All of the napkins and tablecloths in this collection are made of spun polyester, both in their warp (lengthwise threads) and weft (widthwise threads), a manufacturing process that mimics the make-up of cotton to provide a product range with all the benefits and good looks of 100% cotton products at a fraction of the cost.

This range is ideal for:

– B&Bs, guesthouses and hotels wanting to add a little more luxury to their breakfast rooms and restaurants.

– Smaller restaurants or restaurants on a budget, who want all the features of cotton table linen without paying more than they need to.

To get the most out of our Classic range:

– Launder in the same way as our Everyday range.

The unique Ultimate range

Our Ultimate range includes our most luxurious pieces of restaurant table linen. With some products made from 100% mercerised cotton and the rest made from sumptuous 100% cotton fabric, these napkins and tablecloths exude superior quality and a classic look that’s very popular with our customers from five star hotels and restaurants alike.

One of the most significant differences between the Ultimate range and our other ranges, however, is the fact that it’s available in a beautiful ivyleaf pattern that makes a subtle yet incredibly sophisticated statement.

This range is ideal for:

– Medium-sized to five star hotels and restaurants in need of table linens of unrivalled quality.

– Hotels and restaurants hosting dining events for holidays like Valentine’s Day. Our ivyleaf patterns are the perfect way for tables to make a romantic impact.

To get the most out of our Ultimate range:

– Shake out linens before washing to stop any stray crumbs or dirt entering the washing machine.

– Wash cotton linens separately to polyester to avoid pilling and bobbling.

– Wash white linens with a detergent that includes an optical brightening agent to make them appear even whiter.

– Under no circumstances wash using chlorine bleach. As well as causing chemical damage that can rapidly weaken cotton fibres and cause them to tear, chlorine bleach also causes permanent colour loss.

– Wash white cotton table linen at up to 90 degrees to remove heavy staining, as cotton is more heat resistant.

– Wash coloured cotton table linen at temperatures of no higher than 50 degrees to minimise colour loss.

– Remember, washing coloured table linen in detergents which contain optical brightening agents (OBA’s) will mask the true colour of the linen, giving a faded appearance. Keep OBA’s for whites only!

– Iron whilst damp to remove creasing and improve the aesthetic appeal of cotton table linens.

We at Hilden pride ourselves on offering a selection of restaurant quality table linen to suit every budget, ensuring that each kind of hospitality establishment still has the means necessary to lend their breakfast and dining areas a real air of luxury.

Would you like to find out more about our Everyday, Classic and Ultimate table linen ranges? Don’t be afraid to contact a member of our team.

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.