Get your hotel or B&B Valentine’s Day ready

Updated on: January 16 2015

Ensure love is in the air this Valentine’s Day and make your hotel or B&B a snug retreat for your guests. Guests expect a little more luxury and romance at this time of year and with a mass of competitors offering just that it’s important to get it just right. The perfect way to spoil your guests this Valentines Day is to give them the perfect all round experience.


When offering a Valentine’s Day package to your guests you want to ensure your establishment is oozing with romance. What better way to do that than to decorate it accordingly? Dress your tables with the finest linen; why not try placing red tablecloths on top of a white under tablecloth and accessorising with high quality, crisp white table napkins?


Added extras

It’s the little extras that will really make your guest’s stay memorable. Think about little luxuries you can give them to make it an extra special experience. You could have fresh flowers on each table, luxurious toiletries in the room, chocolates on arrival and maybe a complimentary glass of Prosecco with the meal.


Food & Drink

Some may say this is the main event of the evening, when couples choose to have a romantic weekend away for Valentine’s Day the food can often be a deciding factor. Think about food and drink that would set you apart from other establishments. Maybe you could introduce a Valentine’s Day themed cocktail and try experimenting with steak, fish or really push the boat our with aphrodisiacs such as Lobster.


Fresh linen

You can’t beat slipping in to a bed that has new crisp linen on. Give your guests the ultimate in luxury by sprucing up your bed linen. Why not scatter some petals across the bed or maybe choose coloured bed linen in an eye catching red? The options are endless!

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.