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Updated on: June 13 2016

We’ve just enhanced our online shopping experience for all our customers. We are pleased to announce that is now a Google Certified Shop, giving you a deeper level of trust when shopping online with us.

Our regular customers will know that we have always provided a superior online shopping service – but now we have the badge to prove it. As a Google Certified Shop, you can have confidence in our products and service delivery, as well as enjoy a safe and easy checkout.

Allow us to explain in a bit more detail…

What is a Google Certified Shop?

A relatively new service, Google’s Certified Shops scheme was introduced with the aim of increasing confidence for new shoppers who wish to purchase online. It will assure shoppers of the customer service standards they can expect from a participating online retailer, such as

We know many people are wary when shopping online – and rightly so – but now, you can be secure in the knowledge that when dealing with a Google Certified Shop, you are ordering from a reputable online retailer.

We are pleased to be a part of the newly certified service so that our customers and new customers can continue to buy quality hotel linen at competitive prices.

As we are now a Google Certified Shop, you can see our new badge displayed proudly in the bottom right-hand corner. If you click this badge, you are able to see all of our reviews from genuine shoppers. If you hover over the badge, it will also show you statistics such as; the number of transactions, success rate and the percentage of deliveries despatched on time.

If you are thinking of making a purchase through our website but aren’t sure, then we are certain this will help you make a more informed and satisfactory purchase.

Why Google Certified Shops?

As the king of the worldwide web, Google has great reasoning behind anything new it introduces and looks to constantly improve the online experience of users throughout the world. This time, Google wanted to focus on helping consumers navigate the tricky world of online shopping, providing greater trust and confidence when shopping on the web.

Naturally, as a retailer, we are always looking for ways to improve customer experience, customer security, and customer trust on and want to ensure our customers know how important this is to us. That is why it was so important for us to become a Google Certified Shop – we want to continue to ensure customers and potential customers that they can trust in our brand.

This was a natural progression in online shopping, as the web becomes inundated with online retailers – those operating head and shoulders above the rest need to be valued. All in all, this helps Google provide a user-friendly experience to all consumers looking to shop online and use Google when searching for reputable online retailers.

How does the Google Certified Shops programme work?

Google will collect data from us such as the name of our products, our pricing and discounts, customer email addresses from orders, our return and delivery details and then cleverly display this to customers in a way that gives them confident to shop with us online.

Now our badge is in place our customers can now hover over this badge to see key information about our performance.

This information comes from genuine shoppers and reviews from customers of This is why it is so important for all our customers to leave us regular feedback – we like to know how we are doing and how we can improve.

Our Google Certified Shop logo will also appear in Google shopping results so again our customers or potential customers can choose to shop with us based on this level of trust. If you are looking to buy luxury hotel towels online or simply searching for new quality linen products for your B&B, our certified status will show beside our name in your shopping search results.

What does this mean for you?

hilden certified shop screen imageThe Google Certified Shop badge should provide  you with added reassurance and a place to see all our reviews from like-minded shoppers. This will give you a full overview of our shopping experience, allowing you to choose how you wish to shop with us.

Perhaps more importantly for you – as we are now a certified shop, Google will offer FREE purchase protection to any customer who places an order with us.

At the point of purchase, our customers can opt into the programme meaning that if there is an issue with an order, product or service which qualifies and you are unable to resolve this with ourselves then you can request Google’s help and they will work to resolve the issue. The purchase protection will only be offered from Google at the point of purchase, and it will only be for that particular order.

However, we are sure that customers will never have to go down this root or this far when shopping online with us. But for those who want the added protection and reassurance – it is great for building confidence in your experience with us.

As a customer, the certified shops programme will also allow for you to track your own purchases through your Google Account. This may inevitably allow Google to tailor shopping results more attuned to your purchase history.

In summary, the certified service allows you to build up trust with credible retailers before the point of sale. Whilst this isn’t a brand new initiative or idea, the way the scheme works will undoubtedly separate the trusted retailers from the bad service providers – ensuring retailers like us, continue to provide a satisfactory experience for all our shoppers.

Customer feedback is very important to us

As a customer, when you opt in for the free purchase protection, you may be sent a short survey which will allow you to detail your overall shopping experience with us. This customer feedback is of paramount importance to us, as it allows us to build on our credibility online. You are actively helping other internet shoppers make important decisions about their shopping preferences.

We take all reviews seriously – if we receive a negative review, although very rare, we use this as an opportunity to improve particular areas of our service to ensure we continue to provide the experience you desire.

Retailers like ourselves at who have chosen to engage and display the badge on our website are opening themselves up to their customer’s views, opinions, and experiences – and to share and have this information readily available to a potential customer on the website. We don’t have anything to hide and so will proudly display our certified shop badge for all our visitors to see.

Shop online with confidence

Whatever you are looking to purchase – from luxuriously durable 100% cotton white towels to the best quality hotel pillows and duvets – you can shop online safe, easy and with confidence at

We supply a wide range of bed linen, filled goods, table linen and bath linen to some of the most renowned names in the world of hospitality – so whether you’re a B&B or simply looking to buy some hotel quality linen – you can find everything you need right here.

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