Hilden Style Awards restaurant winner – The Fable

Updated on: October 13 2014

The Hilden Style Awards have now come to a close. We have spent the last month judging the entries and visiting all the finalists for each of the categories and we couldn’t be more excited to announce our winners. The calibre of the entries this year was unbelievably high, across all three categories, which made it so difficult for our judges to come to a final decision.

Stylish Dining Experience Winner - Hilden Style Awards 2014

The winner of the Stylish Dining Experience is The Fable, a magically designed and well thought out eatery in the heart of London.

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Inspired by the fantasy world of fairy tales, the fabulous fables of Aesop and influences from around the globe, The Fable is a bar and restaurant out of the ordinary. Every detail tells a story – and the attention to detail here is phenomenal. You can expect fresh herbs placed on each table, doubling up as a centrepiece as well as ‘help yourself’ seasoning for your meal. The restaurant sprawls over three floors of quirky themes. As you walk up the stairs you’re greeted with fairy-tale wallpaper along the way. On the ground floor you’re treated to a bathtub sprouting with colourful blooms, so you can take home a bunch of flowers to the one you love. Add into the mix a dress made from peroni bottles and a unicorn wearing a crown and you’re only just scratching this fantastical surface.

© Giles Christopher - Media Wisdom Photography Ltd

The menu isn’t scrimped on either – there is a large, eclectic menu, serving food with a twist at reasonable prices. The menu is extensive and includes delights such as Peking Duck Flatbread, Chicken in a basket with chips and aioli, Wagyu beef burgers and superfood salads. If you’re feeling indulgent we’d recommend adding on a side of Roman fries with parmesan, truffle oil and rosemary.

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We’d like to congratulate The Fable on winning the Stylish Dining Experience category of the Hilden Style Awards 2014.


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