How to make a hotel style bed

Updated on: August 4 2015

Instructions on how to make a hotel style bed…

It’s important to give your guests the best experience possible, that’s why here at Hilden we have put together a video on how to make a hotel style bed for your guests. Follow this step by step guide and your guests will want to come back to your establishment time and time again.

Prepare your bed

Alongside choosing a comfortable mattress that supports well, you’ll want to start dressing your bed – adding a plain valance will give a tailored and neat finish to the guestroom bed. Next you will want to think about providing the ultimate protection for your bed with a good quality mattress protector or mattress seal for fully enclosed mattress protection.

Preparing your bed

Added comfort

Next you’ll want to think about making the bed comfortable with added extras – a luxury mattress enhancer can provide extra comfort for guests and will keep it cosy warm too. Choose yours carefully too. A flat sheet with a luxury thread count will suit any discerning customer.

Adding comfort to your bed

Choose your duvet and pillows

With so much choice of filled linen, it can be a struggle to choose the best for your guests. The right duvet and pillows can make all the difference. Firstly, decide whether you will be using natural or synthetic filled products; a plump synthetic duvet can be comfortable and protect those with allergies, whereas more discerning guests may prefer a natural filled product for a luxurious feel. Finish off with a range of different pillows for comfort and style.

Pillows and duvets added

Choose your bed linen

To create a classic look for your guestroom use a white satin stripe duvet cover, giving a clean finish. Mix up your pillowcase styles, including bag or housewife alongside mock oxford for a more styled look.

Choosing the right bedding

Accessorise & finishing touches

Add a pop of colour to your guestroom with a bed runner and cushions. These can easily to changed to refresh the room and give it a new look and feel.  Finally, to complete the look of your guestroom add finishing touches like sumptuous bathrobes and luxury toiletries to spoil your guests. Et voila…. That is how to make a hotel style bed!

Adding accessories

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.