Our Clearance Linen Range Explained

Updated on: April 15 2013

Here at Hilden Linens we believe that our products shouldn’t compromise on quality and durability, even the products in our clearance linen range. So why exactly have they been reduced in price? We decided to put together a quick explanation to give you piece of mind and reassurance when browsing for you guest house, hotel or bed and breakfast.

These products could be in our clearance section because:

1) They are surplus stock from orders placed by our larger customers, or may come in more unusual sizes outside our standard bedding sizes.
2) They could be items that carry a badge for one of our hotel chain clients. However, the badge will be included inside the duvet covers and won’t be visible while dressed on beds.
3) They could be excess amounts of specific stock that was previously required by one of our larger customers, but is no longer needed as a stock item.
4) They could be individual items which have been split from multiple packs.

While our clearance section does allow you to purchase hotel quality bedding and hotel bed linen at a fraction of the original selling price, it’s worth remembering that due to this price reduction they won’t form part of the standard terms and conditions of sale.

In addition, goods sold by Hilden.co.uk come direct from manufacturers and mills, so may contain some residue of the manufacturing process and will require an initial wash to be guest-ready. Shrinkage is expected, but is allowed for in the manufacturing process and won’t affect how well the product fits onto your beds.

Please note: All our goods are manufactured for the hospitality industry and not for retail sale to the general public, although we more than welcome private purchases if you accept our packaging policy. Rather than coming in more decorative retail packages our goods will be packed and delivered as a wholesale product, direct to a predefined delivery address and in simple plastic pockets.

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.