When to Replace Your Hotel Bathrobes

Updated on: July 14 2016

Picture the scene… Your guest arrives and puts on one of your hotel bathrobes when arriving at their room. They expect a feeling of intense relaxation as they unwind and settle down for the evening in a fluffy robe. But what they actually get is a rough, coarse fabric scratching against their skin. And that could spell disaster for their experience.

According to research, plush robes are one of the most common items to be stolen from hotel rooms with a huge 69% of people admitting to taking a towel or luxury hotel robe before checking out of a hotel. They are a little slice of luxury that guests love and cherish… Some a little too much!

For those that you do get to keep, how do you know when to replace your hotel bathrobes? And what can you do to keep them lasting longer?

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As with any linen or fabric, you should expect to see some deterioration over time however the key tell-tale sign that your dressing gowns are no longer fit for use is when the fabric feels coarse and abrasive to the touch.

Hotel dressing gowns are worn in many areas around the establishment including in spa areas, the pool areas and even in restaurants so the materials can be affected by the environment in which they are in. Being exposed to chlorine, oils, and even the sun can all cause the quality to decrease.

Undoubtedly, hotel bathrobes go through a lot of wear and tear and so it’s imperative to choose a specialist, performance product when making a buying decision.

Rips, Holes, and Tears

Nobody wants to see a dressing gown with holes in it, least of all wear one! If you notice hanging or loose threads on your towel robe it may be time to start looking into a replacement. Unfortunately, this is a sign that the fabric is losing its strength and durability and, as it’s notoriously difficult to repair holes and tears in bathrobes, it may be worth considering a high-quality option for your next purchase.

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Providing stained bathrobes to your guests is a big no-no. Whether it’s in a spa or a bathroom, your customers will not be pleased and this could even end in a complaint or negative review. If you notice any stained robes, remove them immediately and try to prewash them with a stain remover. Chlorine bleach can be added later but only if it is safe to do so.

It’s advisable to test any stain removing products on an inconspicuous area of the dressing gown first, for example on an inside corner.

If the stain doesn’t shift, it’s time to throw the robe away.

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Prolong the Life of Your Hotel Bathrobes

Firstly, wash the robes before their first use. This will remove any lubricants present during the manufacturing process and will increase the gown absorption and fabric tightness.

Next, only use mild detergents during the washing process and be careful not to use too much as this could stiffen and dry out the fabric. For smaller hotels and B&B’s, it may be manageable to use a white vinegar wash twice a month to ensure they are kept fluffy and sumptuous for longer.

Finally, choose specialist products from a highly-esteemed and trusted retailer. A reliable and established merchant will have to undergo quality checks and assessments before their goods can be sold. This, in turn, provides the customer with a reliable and effective shopping experience.

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