Stay clean, go green!

Updated on: October 21 2013

Why go green?

Businesses going green are definitely the big focus of the moment, as sustainability is the next generation in business thinking. Showing your staff, partners and customers you’re running a green company creates value for your brand and can really affect your bottom line. You’ve got to start somewhere when thinking about making your business green – so why not start with your cleaning products?

J-Cloth 3000

Over their 60 years experience, Chicopee has built upon each of their products, improving to meet the challenges for all applications and environments. Chicopee looked at their J-Cloth Lavette and now make a compostable, biodegradable version – a match made in heaven! The future-proof J-Cloth 3000 has all the powerful cleaning properties you would expect from the J-Cloth Lavette, with the added bonus of being the first compostable wipe available on the market.

The benefits of this durable and sustainable wipe are:

• Compostable and biodegradable – better for the environment with the potential to save landfill
• Food contact clearance – making them safe for health and ensuring no compromises in standards
• Open weave structure – helping you to pick up dirt easier and is more efficient to rinse helping it to remain a highly hygienic wiping cloth
• Cleaning agent compatible – giving no reduced efficiency of the wipe so you have no restrictions when choosing your cleaning agents

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.