Swap Gimmicky Gifts for Luxury Spa Bathrobes & Spa Slippers this Father’s Day

Updated on: June 10 2016

STOP & Think – are you a salon or a spa that has missed a vital event in your calendar? Father’s Day is just around the corner and you may need some tips on how to treat your dad. One idea is a luxury set of spa bathrobes. However,  emphasis on spa related items is usually placed on female audiences who regularly swap their day to day clothes for spa bathrobes and hit the spa or salon for spa treatments or a girly day out!

But in predominately targeting your salon or spa towards a female audience, could you in fact actually be missing out on potential appointments from guys who, let’s face it, deserve some pampering too!

If your June appointment book is looking a bit bare then do not panic, you still have just enough time to target a male audience, market your salon or spa correctly, and get them to take the plunge and step into the salon or spa.

A well-known celebration that comes around each year, Father’s Day takes place on Sunday June 19th 2016 in the UK. But whilst it is not a match for Mother’s Day commercially when it comes to spas and salons it’s not an event you should let pass you by.

It is safe to say that spa days or treatments at the salon are probably not top of the gift list for males over females that is until now.

Not overly convinced that guys would love nothing more than to swap their clothes and busy lifestyles for luxury spa robes and spa slippers, face masks and treatments? Come on, what guy wouldn’t love to be allowed a few hours of relaxation, pampering and treatments in a spa or salon?

Allow us to present to you some facts for those still sceptical…

The proof is in the statistics, just two years ago in 2014 the British Male Grooming market was worth an estimated £911 million per year! Consumers in the UK spent £467m on Father’s Day Gifts, £140m on Father’s Day Food and Drink and a further £52m on Father’s Day Cards and Wrap.

*Data provided by retail research agency Conlumino

Many shoppers leave it till the last minute to purchase a present which is why the time to act is now! Now it is the women who are the main buyers of Father’s Day Gifts so this is who you need to focus on, women with families! No doubt your client book will already be filled with eligible contacts, all you need to do is put an offer under their nose.

Luxury Spa Bathrobes and slippers as complementary gifts

Whether it is products specifically for males or treatments geared for males you need to remember it will be women and probably mums purchasing. So remove the stress and have everything they need readily available as they are notoriously time-pressed. Why not offer gift combinations ranging from a lower price, middle price and then a higher end gift package?

Combine the above with FREE gift wrapping, tags and optional choice of card and you really will have cracked it. We know it would certainly beat the standard, “DAD MUG” or socks and slippers this Father’s Day.

Inside their gift combination, work out an offer which will persuade them to come back to the salon or spa. These can be offers like a complimentary hot towel, cut-throat shave when you book a haircut or another treatment and finish in August. This is what is known as a bounce back offer and would work perfectly for Father’s Day.

Salon and Spa Marketing for Males Doesn’t Have to End with Fathers Day either…

Research into the male grooming market has shown that year on year it is continuously expanding. With the likes of many male celebrities regularly slipping into spa bathrobes, spa slippers and heading to the salon for tanning, treatments and to keep up male beauty regimes it is clear that men are becoming less and less bothered by the embarrassment of entering the salon or spa for what could have been previously branded as girly.

Instead, there is more demand for male-focused spa treatments and male-focused beauty treatments. Further research into the market has also shown that men tended to be much more loyal than women as customers and therefore you should ensure your spa or salon is sending the right signals to both men and women.

Particularly with beauty, spa treatments or hairstyling, men still take a guarded approach and might be too shy to call or request further details so make it clear and concise with price guides for men, product ranges specifically labelled for men and regular marketing activities targeted towards men.

After all, it can’t be just the women that get all the pampering now can it?

Let’s pamper the dads this Father’s Day, swap the gimmicky gifts for a day in the spa or treatments at the salon! Let the men relax for just one day in luxury spa robes, spa slippers and indulging in specific treatments for men.

Make sure your salon or spa is set for Father’s Day 2016 and don’t forget the towels! A soft and fluffy towel can make all the difference. Check out our range of spa and beauty products today.

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