Luxury, Comfort and Durability – the Importance of High Quality Towels

Updated on: October 14 2013

Many owners of hotels, cottages, B&Bs and guesthouses underestimate the importance of high quality towels for their guests. Times are changing and guests now crave attention to detail in the places they choose to stay. Where focus was once placed solely on customer service and decorative theme, guests are now expecting a good range of accessories too! The key to keeping guests happy is to carefully consider the right accessories for your establishment and ensure they’re maintained. Read on to find out exactly why they are so important and what you can do to make sure they’re kept at their highest quality.

High quality hotel towels bring comfort to guests

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High quality towels are fast becoming a solid expectation for guests when booking a room in a hotel. They want the full package along with luxury bedding, sumptuous pillows, mouth watering food and exceptional customer service.

Comforting and relaxing, soft and sumptuous towels help add to the spa-like experience that guests now expect of hotel bathrooms. They add a sense of understated luxury and memorability that goes a long way in helping your establishment leave a lasting impression.

It’s understandable then, a lot of thought should go into ensuring your towels are of the highest quality. To do this you should take into account…

    • The make-up of your towels. Don’t think cotton automatically means quality – low percentage cotton mixes and 100% but poor quality cotton towels can be scratchy and stiff. Egyptian cotton is typically one of the finest kinds, although other high quality cottons such as Turkish cotton also feel heavenly.
    • The GSM of your towels. GSM is the main towel quality indicator and refers to the fabrics weight and density. The higher the GSM the better quality the towel – with GSMs of 600  to 900 indicating real luxury.
    • The appropriate towel care. Whether you prefer white hotel towels or coloured alternatives, they both require some tender loving and careful care to maintain their quality. There are numerous tried and tested techniques, home remedies and industry tricks to help administer this care that you can read about here for white hotel towels and here for coloured towels.
    • The size of your towels. This one might seem obvious, but placing a choice of hotel towel sizes in guests’ bathrooms will make them feel infinitely more comfortable. Having a small towel to dry your hair and a large one to wrap up cosily in is a luxury that, surprisingly, not all hospitality establishments provide.


High quality hotel towels last significantly longer

As well as improving visitor experience, quality towels make life a whole lot easier for the owners of hospitality establishments too.

With so many guests passing through your doors it’s essential your towels retain their quality and don’t fall apart due to the regular washing they’ll endure. This means they pay for themselves in the long run. Low quality towels have a nasty habit of becoming crisper and rougher with each wash, a common complaint among many modern hotel reviews!

Luckily there are two main things you can take into account and put into action to make sure that you steer well clear of these reviews…

  • Durable materials. As well as impacting on guest comfort, the material your towels are made of plays a huge part in their durability. Certain materials such as 100% Turkish cotton and 100% Egyptian cotton (both known for their strength and durability) will far outlast cheaper cotton mix towels.
  • Special wash care. High quality hotel towels often come with washing instructions specific to that product, ensuring the fabric is treated in a way that prolongs its durability. Washing according to these instructions means the difference between long lasting towels and yet another batch destined for the wheelie bin!

While this advice might seem more like common sense than essential know-how, the importance of high quality hotel towels to modern hospitality guests is too high to warrant complacency. We know that it can be tempting to chuck in your towels on any old wash when you’re juggling the management of your establishment with your day to day life, but it’ll only serve to create more hassle in the long run.

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance and Compliance Manager at Hilden Linens.