Tis the Season to Get Married – How to Decorate a Hotel for a Wedding

Updated on: June 18 2013

Wedding season is in full swing and bed and breakfasts, guesthouses and small hotels everywhere are redecorating their establishments in a suitably romantic manner. However, this doesn’t mean to say that you need to go overboard with rose petals, heart shaped accessories and piles of doilies. So how exactly do you decorate a hotel for a wedding?

Whether there’ll be a couple tying the knot at your premises, paying you a visit for their wedding reception or both, there are plenty of simple tweaks you can make to your rooms that will leave a lasting impression without being too full on.

Grounds and gardens

An outdoor reception or wedding ceremony held in your garden or grounds will obviously require detailed forward planning, and will be designed to the requirements of the bride and groom. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for you to enhance the experience with a spot of wedding season hotel decoration.

Instead of going wild with garden arches and marquees, simply plant more wedding friendly blooms like roses, lillies, sunflowers and lilacs, string up some garden lights or, again, fairy lights for the evening or place candles in glass bell jars. You could even lay down some stepping stones in a route back to your establishment to save female guests from losing their heels in the grass!

Breakfast rooms

If you’re playing host to a wedding party then chances are that your breakfast room will be the guests’ main hub, especially if you’re a smaller establishment without spare rooms for entertainment and meals.

This means that making the most of your breakfast rooms, and ensuring the complimentary décor you choose doesn’t clash with anything specified by the couple is crucial. The best way to do this is to keep it relatively neutral, with some subtle yet impactful additions.

1) Stick with elegant white table cloths that incorporate a romantic pattern like ivy leaf, rose or a satin stripe border. If you would like to be more adventurous with colour, then off-white or ivory tablecloths or a white tablecloth with accompanying pale pink napkins are also nice, subtle options.

2) Invest in some ‘occasion’ cutlery that, for example, incorporates a subtle design or pattern on the handles. Cutlery like this can even be reused for other occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day meals, and are so much nicer to look at than plain metal options.

3) If the couple haven’t requested centrepieces, place some flowers on the tables in small glass vases to provide some decoration.

4) Make sure that plenty of natural light enters the room by moving tables around so that windows aren’t obstructed, and ensuring that blinds and curtains are fully open.

5) For when evening falls, string up a few fairy lights to create an intimate ambiance without the glare of bright overhead bulbs.

Guest rooms

It can be tempting to go overboard with the happy couple’s guestroom and treat them to a complimentary bed full of rose petals, dressers and bedside tables full of candles and a bath full of floating flowers. However, where creating a comfortable and romantic atmosphere is concerned, less is actually more.

1) Think about fitting more luxurious hotel bed linen. As well as being softer and more sumptuous, varieties like satin stripe duvet covers and housewife pillowcases add a touch of sophistication and elegance to rooms.

2) Include a lighter and a couple of (not too pungently) scented candles on the dresser or bedside tables for newlyweds to light at their leisure. If you wanted to steer clear of candles for health and safety reasons however, simply buying a couple of lamps to take away the glare of normal guest room lights come evening is a great alternative.

3) If you can afford it, leaving out a bottle of chilled champagne and some chocolates is a lovely little touch which won’t go unnoticed by the couple.

4) In bathrooms, leave out a few little bottles of more upmarket body wash, moisturiser and shampoo with sophisticated scents, and hang your very best bathrobes on the back of the door. The softer and cosier, the better.

Some expert tips from Mary Lewis of The Cawdor Hotel

“It’s worth remembering there’s every chance your décor will change more or less constantly during the wedding season. After all, no one couple will require exactly the same theme as another! In my own hotel I’ll start the decorating process by consulting with guests, before filling our wedding chapel with their specific colour scheme and tailoring our furniture and flower arrangements to match the style of their wedding. We make sure that we always use fresh flowers too. This way they’re constantly looking and smelling their most beautiful.”

While these tips and tricks are great for those who’ll be welcoming wedding parties into their bed and breakfast, guest house or small hotel, the wedding season provides other establishments with the perfect opportunity to give older hotel linens a makeover with something altogether fresher looking, cleaner looking and more luxurious. Plus, you never know when you might be host to a couple on their honeymoon!

Do you have any of your own tips for how to decorate a hotel for a wedding? Leave a comment below!

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